#7 Best Rated / Top Foreign Currency Exchange Offices in Denmark: How to exchange money in Denmark


Top Foreign Currency Exchange Offices in Denmark: How to exchange money in Denmark

1. Forex Bank

Website address: https://www.forexvaluta.dk/en


  • Exchange rates: Before exchanging money, it’s vital to compare rates because they can change often. At banks or currency exchange offices, you can check exchange rates in person or online.
  • Fees: To exchange money, banks and currency exchange agencies may charge a fee. Before making an exchange, be sure to enquire about any fees.
  • Accepted currencies: Not all locations might accept a particular currency for exchange. Before going to a bank or currency exchange office, be sure to find out which currencies are accept

2. Vexel Money Exchange: Dan exchange amager

Website address: https://www.vexel.dk/


  • Currency availability: Exchange offices provide a wide selection of currencies, including well-known international ones like the US dollar, euro, and pound as well as less common ones.
  • The rates: To guarantee you are getting the best possible price, compare the rates offered by different exchange offices.
  • Fees: It’s crucial to check in advance to see whether there are any fees involved with exchanging currencies at exchange offices.
  • Opening hours: Since exchange offices may have various opening times, be sure to call ahead to confirm them.

3. Merex International

Website address: https://merexint.dk/valuta/


  • Exchange rates that are competitive: Merex International offers exchange rates that are competitive for a variety of currencies.
  • They give each client individualized treatment to make sure they get the best exchange rates and services catered to their particular need.
  • Secure and effective technology is used by Merex International to ensure that all transactions are completed fast and securely.
  • Online platform: They provide customers with an online platform that makes it simple for them to manage their transactions and access their accounts.

4. Nordea Bank

Website address: https://www.nordea.com/en/our-services/fx-and-money-markets


  • Customers of Nordea Bank can effortlessly convert currencies for travel or overseas business transactions thanks to the bank’s foreign exchange services. For a variety of different currencies, including popular ones like the USD, EUR, GBP, and JPY, among others, Nordea Bank offers competitive exchange rates.
  • For companies who need to manage their currency risks, Nordea Bank additionally provides currency hedging options. This may include forward contracts, options, and other hedging tools that assist companies in managing currency swings and minimising the effects on their bottom line.

5. Jyske Bank

Website address: https://jyskebank.com/


  • Online trading platform: They give clients access to an online trading platform so they may quickly and safely trade foreign currencies.
  • They also provide organizations with currency hedging solutions, such as forward contracts, options, and other hedging instruments.
  • Mobile banking: For quick and simple access to banking services, including foreign exchange, Jyske Bank offers a mobile banking app.

6. Global Exchange

Website address: https://www.globalexchange.dk/en/home


  • Currency conversion using the website of Global conversion, which enables simple and secure transactions.
  • Due to the multilingual personnel of Global Exchange, consumers can converse in the language of their choice.
  • Customers who want to exchange money rapidly can take advantage of Global Exchange’s express services.

7. Change group

Website: https://changegroup.dk/


  • Customers can simply and easily withdraw local currency from ChangeGroup’s network of ATMs located throughout the world.
  • Customers can sell ChangeGroup their unused foreign currency using the company’s currency buyback programme.
  • For a variety of currencies, ChangeGroup provides competitive exchange rates.

How to exchange foreign currency / money in Denmark?

  • Banks: The majority of Danish banks provide currency exchange services. You can exchange your currencies for Danish Kroner (DKK) by going to a nearby bank branch.
  • Foreign Exchange Companies: Several foreign exchange firms, including Dan Exchange, ChangeGroup, and Global Exchange, have branches in Denmark. These businesses frequently provide competitive exchange rates and could operate with extended hours compared to banks.
  • ATMs: Using your debit or credit card, you can withdraw money from an ATM in Denmark. The exchange rate might not be as good as using a foreign exchange company, and your bank might charge you a foreign transaction fee.
  • Credit Cards: In Denmark, especially in the bigger cities, credit cards are widely accepted. However, for smaller purchases or in more rural areas, you might still require cash.
  • Currency exchange at the airport: If you’re flying into Denmark, you can exchange money there. However, keep in mind that exchange rates at airports might not be as good as those found elsewhere.
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